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to the World

of New Science for Skincare

Cutting Edge Bio-Tech to rejuvenate your stem cells by your own energy 

The world first launch DNA Lactobacillus

in all LAMONE Anti-Ageing Skincare Products since 2012

DNA Lactobacillus Anti-Ageing Series-08.

DNA Lacto

Exclusive Advanced BioTechnology Active Ingredient only in LAMONE by Magic Root

  • Prevent and detoxify outer skin from pollution which contributes to increased skin pigmentation, premature ageing through decreased collagen production as well as general dryness and redness

  • Smooth and wrinkle free derived from Growth Factor to rejuvenate stem cells from destructive condition generating healthy new cells and boosting collagen

  • Inside out approach: Heatlhy skin from your health

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DNA Lacto Mechanism Eng.png

DNA Lactobacillus Mechanism

DNA lactobacillus Lamone Mechanism and R
DNA lactobacillus Lamone Mechanism and R
DNA lactobacillus Lamone Mechanism and R
Lamone 600 am DNA Lactobacillus Cleanser

6:00 am Cleanser Foam

Start Your Day with Hydrating Skin while holding nutrients from night treatment

Lamone DNA Lactobacillus Organic Rose Wa

Organic Rose Water Toner

Energize and Tone your skin. Pore Tightening. SMOOTH Skin.

DNA Essence

Stimulating and Energizing New Healthy Cells to reveal Younger Skin. Hydrating and Glowing.  

Lamone DNA Lactobacillus Essence stimula
Lamone DNA Lactobacillus Boosting Lift w

Intensive Boosting Lift

Anti-Wrinkle, Tightening Your Skin, Glowing, and Hydrating Skin.

Revitalizing Eye Cream

Remedies for puffying,sagging and black eyes.

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