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Intensive Boosting Lift Cream 30ml (Turn Back The Clock)

Intensive Boosting Lift Cream 30ml (Turn Back The Clock)

  • Designed for night time to rejuvenate cells from destructive while asleep
  • DNA Lx Complex is a new Higher Level Advanced Active Ingredient which will be boosting and enhancing skin cells to form a new younger skin. Feel and See Difference within 1-2 days.
  • Hydrating skin with 9 precious organic natural oils enriched with vitamin, antioxidant properties, and necessary nutrients for skin
  • Energized cells with GP4G from deep sea plankton to build up new cells
  • Latest Cutting Edge Actives from Celery Plant Cell to increased production of Collagen, Fibronectin and SPARC proteins to rebuild skin architecture. Clinical studies show improvement of skin smoothness,as confirmed by evaluation of skin texture in stretch marks.
  • To reduces the visibility of skin spots and dyscromia of the skin, improvement of overall complexion, improvement of skin radiance, and improvement in skin tone with Peony Petal Extract.
  • Result: No more sagging skin, No more fine line. Younger Look in 3 days. Promised.
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