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Magic Root Logo - Clear-01_edited.png
Magic Root Logo - Clear-01_edited.png

MAGIC ROOT - Herbal Hair Tonic

   Formulated since 1871 from a best well-known Chinese doctor living in Thailand. The product has been used in family and neighbour hair salons for many years. 
   The secret main ingredients are about Ginseng and Thai herbs in balanced proportion from many years of research with over ten thousand success cases.  100% Natural Hair Tonic - No Synthetic Chemical. No Preservative

Feedback from Real Users

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Real User 1 endorse the good result toni

Who has a risk of hair loss?

From our experience, hair loss and falling hair will occur with people who:

  • stress all day

  • sleep late at night

  • no time to exercise

  • eat non healthy food

  • over weight

  • use strong chemical hair dressing or hair dye

Most of the case is dealing with hair root lacking of essential nutrients especially Zinc and hair root getting damaged from strong chemical. 

It's time to heal and rejuvenate hair cells back from destructive condition. 

What is the He Shou Wu?


He Shou Wu (Super Food for Hair)

 The Ginseng from China which is the only one herb in the world proven from many researchers in US, S. Korea, and China is able to regrow hair and turn white or grey hair to be darker. Be Known as Super Anti-Oxidant enriched with Zn (Zinc) to rejuvenate cells and promote keratin for new hair. 

He shou wu, also known as foti or Chinese knotweed, is one of the most highly-prized herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and for good reason. This mighty root is said to prevent hair loss and reverse greying, plus it’s believed to promote vitality, increase energy and even enhance libido. While he shou wu’s legend is interesting, we take a deeper look into this super herb, and ask, can he shou wu really reverse hair loss?

What Exactly Is He Shou Wu?

Before we dive into the benefits of this precious herb, let's take a closer look at exactly what it is. He shou wu is the name of the plant, yet it’s the polygonum multiflorum root which is harvested for its many health-promoting qualities.

The aged root is carefully prepared, traditionally by being simmered in a black bean stew, and then dried and ground up to create a fine superfood powder. This slow process helps to break down some of its compounds so that the nutrients are more easily digestible by the body. He shou wu is typically taken as a powder, in capsule form, or, for increased potency, as a concentrated extract powder.

He Shou Wu: Back to Its Roots

He shou wu has an impressive backstory: legend states that it was first discovered by an old man called He Tianer. A local monk told Mr Tainer that this root possess incredible health benefits and that he should prepare it and take it on a daily basis. After one year of taking the root, Mr. Tianer's had increased energy, a full thick head of black hair, and had fathered a child. This story is what gave the herb its name, as he shou wu loosely translates as Mr. He’s hair is black.

But Can He Shou Wu Really Reverse Hair Loss and Greying?

Legend aside, there are a few scientific studies which reveal how this herb can provide nourishment for the hair. From a nutritional standpoint, he shou wu is rich in antioxidants, lecithin, and zinc, plus it contains more iron than the goji berries. It also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), which is an enzyme that helps to fight free radical damage and it is anti-inflammatory too.

When looking at it from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective (TCM), healthy hair is linked to the health of the blood, liver and kidneys. He shou wu is classed as a Jing tonic. Jing is one of the ‘three treasures’ in TCM, and it refers to the essence which is responsible for the healthy functioning of the physical body, partially when it comes to kidney health and reproduction. As we age, we naturally lose our jing stores, which TCM practitioners believe results in loss of energy and zest for life. One major way to replenish jing is to intake certain tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms including he shou wu and reishi, and to also undertake jing-boosting practices such as qigong and tai chi.

Several studies reveal that he shou wu contains both radix polygoni multiflori and hypolipidemic agents. The combination of these two health compounds have been shown to lower levels of lipids, and nourish the liver and kidneys and inhibit the take of bad cholesterol. The results of these studies indicate that if your hair issues are linked to blood, kidney or liver issues, then he shou wu may be beneficial in helping to reverse grey hair and reduce hair loss.

It’s the combination of health compounds and jing-nourishing qualities that make he shou wu a go-to for herbalists who are wanting to treat a range of hair problems.

Is He Shou Wu able to block DHT?

PM extract could reverse the androgenic effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most potent androgen. Finally, PM extract prolonged the anagen of human hair follicles by inhibiting catagen entry in human hair follicle organ culture model. [Shin, J.Y., Choi, Y., Kim, J. et al. Polygonum multiflorum extract support hair growth by elongating anagen phase and abrogating the effect of androgen in cultured human dermal papilla cells. BMC Complement Med Ther 20, 144 (2020)]

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" We Know You Have Tried Many Products So Far Without Good Result.

   You Come to The Right Place for The Real Solution. Just 2-3 Months Feel Difference."


Our 1st Priority

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Why we are Unique?









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Treatment Process from Ground Up

Desert Plant
IMAGINE: growing hair like growing a tree in the sand. The root can not get water and nutrient for growing easily. 


FACT: Once getting older, Blood quality is no good. No nutrient to hair root. DHT  is up in genetic case. Then, Hair Falling. 
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Magic Root Logo - Clear-01_edited.png

How Magic Root made?

shutterstock_1130747135 Downsize.jpg

Preparing White Rice Spirit

Magic Root Hair Tonic made from pure natural ingredients in traditional process. White Rice Spirit from Fermented Thai Jasmine Rice was prepared to extract Ginsengs and Thai Herbs.

shutterstock_694349242 coph downsize.jpe

Herbal Extraction

All Herbal Ingredients were arranged according to formulation list. Then, all ingredients were extracted in Clay Jar with highly strict control environment. In this process, we have to ensure the quality of extraction is in standard by Plant Master (experience over 30 years)

shutterstock_1008310366 copy

Ageing Process

In order to get all substances from extraction process be homogeneous after filter, Ageing process is the most important step to get all things married till get smooth visual and smell. This process needs to keep at least for 2 years before fill.

*All images subject for process understanding purpose only might not be exactly as the real place.

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Active Ingredient

MAGIC ROOT Herbal Hair Regrow Best for t
Magic Root Logo - Clear-01_edited.png

Texture of Tonic


Not Oily and Not Sticky on Hair

The texture of Tonic is not  oily. Smell like chinese medicine with aroma of Rosemary essential oil. So you can use it every day without disturbing your daily activities. 

The key success is to use every day in a right amount of dosage. You can feel the difference in a period of time. 

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Customer Voice

Customer 48 Years Old: 5 Bottles

He had used Minoxidil for 5 years. He suddenly stopped to use Minoxidil once he found no improvement and his pores got blocked.

After used 5 Bottles of Herballies Hair Tonic, he could see improvement with good result. Not just a feeling, the analysis software with microscope confirmed the result with 100-115 hair / 1 root 2 hair all over the scalp. 

*Result might vary in each person

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*Result might vary in each person


*Result might vary in each person

Male - Age 44
After 3 Bottles

Case: He lives in New Zealand.

Genetic male bald pattern O type.


    After 2 1/2 bottles, He could see density and thickness improvement dramatically. Less Falling Hair. Stronger and healthier hair than before.


*Result might vary in each person


*Result might vary in each person

Female - Age 58
After 6 Bottles

Case: Hormone Change & Damaged of Hair Dye

   Been Hair Center for 2 yrs + Tried Many Products on TV without any results. After Analyzed Hair Scalp and used Herballies Treatment by Magic Root for 6 months, Hair Condition had been changed dramatically. Hair Density increase about 38%

*Result might vary in each person

Male - Age 34
After 21 Bottles

Case: Wanted to stop Minoxidil from Doctor


   During Stop Minoxidil, maintain existing hairs from Side Effect after stop using Minoxidil (falling hair till less potent) with Hair Tonic for 1 year (12 Bottles) and keep using for 9 Bottles to Regrow New Hair. 

*Result might vary in each person

Genetic Case. Male age 28. 

*Result might vary in each person

Turn grey to darker hair color. Male age 64.
Magic Root Logo - Clear-01_edited.png

*Result might vary in each person

Customer 28 Years Old: 4 Bottles

He faced the DHT hormone problem from Genetic. His dad got bald. After 4 bottles of Herballies Hair Tonic continuously. He had a good result with thicker & bigger hair. He still uses Herballies Hair Tonic to against DHT hormone. 

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*Result might vary in each person

Customer 36 Years Old: 22 Bottles

She has a problem with falling hair due to High Cholesterol over 400 mg/dl. She has to use Herballies Hair Shampoo to control oil on scalp. Then apply Herballies Hair Tonic every day morning & evening time continuously. The result was good. She claimed no hope till found us. 

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Magic Root Hair Tonic

Not only to regrow hair, but able to........

Turn Grey to Darker Hair

*Result might vary in each person

Good for all Age Range

*Result might vary in each person

Regrow Eyebrow

*Result might vary in each person

Magic Root Logo - Clear-01_edited.png

How the system works?

Step 1: Washing & Nourishing Hair 

Result: Deep Cleansing and Control Oil Scalp to Prevent Falling Hair  

Step 2: Apply Herballies Hair Tonic (Spray) 

Result: Stop Falling Hair - Rejuvenate Hair Root Condition Ready for New Hair Growth 

Best Deal: Apply SUPERIOR Club to get 50% off and much more benefits.

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