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Herballies Hair Tonic Spray 10ml x4 Set: 1 month pack

Herballies Hair Tonic Spray 10ml x4 Set: 1 month pack

   Good for traveling. Easy to handle. Conveniet to use. Just spray thoroughly on scalp and massage. Leave on. 1 pack per month. 1 tube per week. 3-4 pump a time. 

   Secret Ginseng with 1000 years of  proved history to enlarge the exisitng hair follicle, to maximise the hair growth rate during the anagen phase, warming and stimulating oil from rosemary oil boost circulation and the delivery of nutrients from 3 kinds of ginsengto the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth, and to extend the telogen phase for existing hair not falling by blocking DHT hormone which is the root cause of hair loss.

 Made from real herbs - Ginseng (He Shou Wu), and Thai herbs - extracted with white rice spirit as traditional process. Keeping for 2 years with control environment same as premium wine process.

 Many researchers in USA and South Korea found that He Shou Wu has DHT blockage potent and rich of zinc which need for hair regrowth. In vivo, the study found He Shou Wu promoted hair growth from dermal papilla cells compared with the control. Some evidences showed that He Shou Wu induced a greater increase in the prolifereation of dermal papilla cells than minoxidil (. Further than that, for 21 days increased hair-fiber length significantly. 

 In the bottom line, Magic Root Hair Tonic in both dropper and spray form are formulated with  He Shou Wu collaborated with many precious natural ingredients on Earth will give the highest potent not only to regrow the hair but also strengthen the hair root with lots of nutrient as super food for hair. 

 With 3 bottles or 6 packs of spray, your falling hair will be less or stop - new coming little baby hair shows up (back side for men | frotal line for women). In this phase, please good taking care on them. Don't touch them too strong. Since the hair root of new coming hair not strong enough to resist the strong touch. 

  • Color Safe 

      Suffering from flat hair? Fine hair? low porousity? Dull color? Thinning hair?

      40 years of experience in hair loss industry, we craft the formula that will be color safe, healthy, natural, and of course - effective. The Magic Root Hair Tonic will give your hair instant lift and voluminous body. Easy to set up your hair style.

  • Not Oily
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Paraben Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Pure Natural - Synthetic Chemical Free

   Direction to use: After washing hair, blow dry and apply maximum 3 shots of half tube glass level. Morning and Evening time. Leave on. Set hair style. 

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