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   Designed for sensitive skin. Fragrance Free. SLS/SLES Free. Paraben Free. Very Mild but Powerful to induce dirt and pollutant from daily activities. Easy to remove make up just couple touches with cotton pad. Then rinse off with water. Feel Fresh, soft and bright at once.  



(Cleansing & Cleanser)

Lamone water based foaming (sulfate free)

Cut Off the root cause of the Condition to generate pigmentation

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Happy Beauty Model Lamone Cleanser Cleansing mild foaming
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6:00 am Cleanser

In the morning at 6:00 am., the most important time to capture the moisture on skin while cleansing the impurities during sleep at the night time.

   Formulated with bio marine extracts to serve as very mild cleanser to remove impurities while retaining skin’s essential moisture to cell without deteriorate all precious nutrients from night treatment. Helps preserve skin's moisture barrier. Skin feels pampered, soft, comfortably clean.

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Foaming One Step Cleansing & Cleanser

Crystal Clear Liquid from LAMONE Foaming One Step Cleanser will change your experiences on face forever. Impurities removal power with fine bubble foam technology from plant derived surfactant (Sulfate Free).

   Formulated with cleansing, smoothing and re-texturizing ingredients to serve as mild cleanser to remove impurities while retaining skin’s essential moisture, enhancing clarity and radiance perfectly even-toned skin. Diminished existing dark spots and prevent future pigmentation from appearing.

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