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Intensive Boosting Lift 50ml

Intensive Boosting Lift 50ml

  • Designed for night time to rejuvenate cells from destructive while asleep
  • Recalled younger look skin with V Shape Lift Up - Feel Difference in 14 days 
  • Hydrating skin with 9 precious organic natural oils enriched with vitamin, antioxidant properties, and necessary nutrients for skin
  • Energized cells with GP4G from deep sea plankton to build up new cells
  • Stimulating stem cells with natural growth factor from DNA Lacto (Thai Research) to regenerate new younger cells 
  • Lift up skin texture and fine line reduction with Hyadisine (30% more effective than hyaluronic acid)  from Mussle Extract in FRANCE 
  • Filled up collagen to expedite the firmness of skin texture and face contour with a new cutting edge peptide Collagen
  • Result: No more sagging skin, No more fine line. Younger Look.
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