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How are we different?

Magic Root Hair Tonic was developed in 1871 by a Chinese doctor living in Thailand. The product is 100% Vegan through Traditional Process: premium selected ingredients, natural scents, handcrafted manufacturing process, and strictly control the process to ensure the consistency of effectiveness.

100% Vegan

Herbal Extraction

All Precious Selected Herbal Ingredients were arranged according to formulation list. Then, all ingredients were extracted in Clay Jar with highly strict control environment. In this process, we have to ensure the quality of extraction is in standard by Plant Master (experience over 30 years)

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Preparing White Rice Spirit

Magic Root Hair Tonic made from pure natural ingredients in traditional process. White Rice Spirit from Fermented Thai Jasmine Rice was prepared to extract Ginsengs and Thai Herbs.

Ageing Process

In order to get all substances from extraction process be homogeneous after filter, Ageing process is the most important step to get all things married till get smooth visual and smell. This process needs to keep at least for 2 years before filling.

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White Sheet

Active Ingredients



Ginseng has benefits for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu is a herb in traditional Chinese medicine. In several studies about 60% of people who had hair loss experienced hair regrowth within 3 months after taking He Shou Wu.



We Use Essential Oil for Scents

While the other brands use fragrance oil that manufacture in a lab, we use essential oil that comes from natural material. Essential oils have many benefits that you may not have known such as reducing stress, helping you to sleep, and treating fungal infections.


*Hair will grow faster in women than men

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0 Months

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3 Months

  • stop hair loss

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6 - 12 Months

  • new hairs are starting to grow bigger and stronger

  • gray hair started to turn into its original color

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Preservative Free

We say "NO" to preservative.

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Manufacturing Process

We use a process called "Cold Process". You may think that "Isn't Cold Process for making soap?". Yes, it is but we manage to use it for our herbs.

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Side Effect

We have NO side effect because all ingredient that we use is all organic. NO Synthetic Chemical.

Hair treatment products

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