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How to use Magic Root Hair Tonic & Dosage & Effect

Less dosage of Hair tonic :

# If you use less dosage ,it can stop hair loss but your hair is not thicker enough .

As enough dosage of Hair Tonic :

# If you use as enough dosage ( Morning & Night time as 1 ml ( 2 tubes) each ),Stop hair loss

and your hair thicker look fuller hair ,Then the new coming hair come up after 3 months use.

Over dosage /time of hair tonic :

# If you use over dosage ,your hair will be sticky .

Note :

1) You can use enough dosage & spray often that you want ,if you need fast result for stop hair loss and regrowth.

2) Our hair Tonic can use for Hair Treatment by spray all hair and keep it 60 mins . Your hair will strengthen ,

easy for do organic hair color treatment ( no hydrogenperoxide)



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