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Cause of Hair loss and wrinkles : Hormone changing in Women (old age 48s up)

Some women have hormone changing ( feeling hot in cool air ) at old age 48s up. calling "Menopause"period effect to your skin dry for face and body .Somebody have dry skin making

easy for allergic ,skin itching so her skin has more scar, and have the hair loss. For your Mood is like "Depression" .

So our products :

1 )Haircare "Magic Root Hair Tonic " is suitable to solve your problem .Anti-Hair loss with 100% natural ingredients ,Safety for you as regularly use.

"Stop Hair loss ,Thicker hair ,Renew hair " are main benefits for you

2) Skincare " Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift" is suitable for anti-wrinkle within 1-2 weeks ,

"facial skin firming fast ,look 5-10 years younger "

You have to prove it by yourself.

3) Spa Products " Essential Oils ,Organic Massage Oils,,Shoulder Pad,Waist Pad,Shoe Pad ,Relaxing oil (hot & cool),lotion

:"Lotions and Organic Massage oils "for body skin more moisturizer

: "Essential Oil ,Organic Massage Oil ,Shoulder Pad,Waist Pad ,Shoe Pad ,Relaxing Oil" for solve depression.

by Michale P.



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