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How can i do? I am looking older than my man!

Serious question for women 40 years old up!!!

LAMONE Facial Treatment will help you look younger just following these steps:

Morning Steps: 1) In the Morning when you wake up, your skin needs to refresh and clean out the excess impurities on skin during long night sleep. Using morning cleanser on your face with Lamone 6.00am to keep moisture and nutrients from night treatment in skin while clean and clear the impurities from night sleep be ready for day make up, no fragrance, no paraben, and sulfate free. The 6:00 am cleanser contains biofunctional extracted from the leaves of the Peruvian pink pepper tree (Schinus molle) - skin purifier, pore minimiser, and anti- pollution on daily activities.

2) To minimise pore size getting smooth face preventing debris or dirt penetrating to skin cause irritation, LAMONE Rose Water Organic Toner (water based) will do the function and to balance skin condition as well. High Anti-Oxidant in Toner will provide the results - look tight, bright, and fresh skin.

3) Cellular Rejuvenation Step with the cutting edge anti-aging technology to rejuvenate cells from destructive conditions getting younger cells on skin. LAMONE DNA Essence, promotes long-term skin benefits and protection from environmental aggression. The results - firming skin, tight, bright, soft, and younger skin. Thanks to DNA Lactobacillus and Oryza Sativa (Rice )Extract. • Decreases cell senescence in vitro (Senescence Beta-galactosidase marker) • Extends the longevity of aged keratinocytes and broblasts • Increases SIRT1 content in the skin better than polyphenols • Improves skin protection and repair after UV and oxidative damage • Improves the appearance and longevity of skin exposed or not to UV ex vivo

4) Filling up moisture and collagen into skin,  Apply LAMONE DNA Skin’s Luminosity on top before foundation and make up. Integrated with precious ingredients on Earth:

Deep Sea Plankton Extract, Apple Stem cells Extract, and Oak Extract to counter skin aging deficiencies, such as hormone decline with proven wrinkle reduction properties that helps to rejuvenate aged skin. It reinforces the collagen network by improving collagen synthesis. Clinical testing has shown significantly reduces wrinkles within 1 month. Properties - Compensates for age-related hormone decline in the skin - Rapidly and significantly decreases skin wrinkles - Increases collagen synthesis - Smooth and soft skin

Evening Steps:

5. Perfectly clear cleansing face wash with LAMONE One Step Cleanser 250ml. Formulated with cleansing ,smoothing ,and re-texturizing ingredients to serve as mild cleanser to remove make up and impurities while retaining skin's essential moisture, enhancing clarity and radiance perfectly even-toned skin. Diminished existing dark spots and prevent future pigmentation from appearing.

6) Apply LAMONE Rose Water Organic Toner to balance skin condition and tighten pores. High Anti-Oxidant in Toner will provide the results - look tight, bright, and fresh skin.

7) Stimulate new healthy skin cells step with LAMONE DNA Night Essence for deep wrinkle with concentrated DNA lactobacillus, Apple Stem Cells Extract & Black Pepper Extract to support renewal functions and cell defence while the body is asleep. Lamone DNA Night Essence has been designed to take advantage of resting period during the night while skin is in renew and replenish mode. The ultimate Night Essence acts deep in the skin's surface to activate stem cells division, together with High Concentrated Antioxidant Complex from fermented berries (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D) to prevent free radical skin cell damage. The fascinating results are refining skin textures, visibly younger skin, smooth fine lines and radiance to the skin.

8) To strengthen and tighten skin structure step with LAMONE Intensive Boosting Lift which contains collagen boost from the stable collagen-peptide that promotes extracellular matrix synthesis, a peptide that displays strong anti-wrinkle properties. Aiming to increase the collagen of the cell making your skin youth as fast as your skin can and to enhance the skin fundamental back to younger age. This potent defence cream is the most advance of us now.

Complete steps of LAMONE Skincare Anti-aging with Natural Active Eco Cert ingredients within 28days showing result looking young skin. Able to walk with your man confidently.

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