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Personal Relaxing Pad


Microwavable Organic Cotton Pad

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Neck and Shoulder Pain Microwavable Heat Pad

Neck &



Microwavable Pad from Lamone effective to relieve shoulder pain when sitting in the same position for long periods of time (Office Syndrome) Lamone Pad can be a good choice you to relax the muscle.

• Relief pain and fatigue in muscles, tendons and joints , improve blood circulation, and soothe your emotion from Pure Essential Oil Scent (Refillable with various scent to serve your purpose ORDER)
• Place Neck & Shoulder Pad in a microwave at 800 Watt and setting for 1 - 1:30 min to heat up for  the  first  time. Place the “Neck & Shoulder Pad” over your neck & shoulder. You will love a pleasure time with the benefits of natural ingredients to soothe your emotions and feelings of the pure essential oil aroma from exotic land.

•Organic Thai Jasmine Rice, Himalayan Salt, Thai Sea Salt, Pure Essential Oil

• Do not use Neck & Shoulder Pad on naked skin to prevent skin burn.
• For swelling and muscle inflammation in first 24 hours, please do not use Herbal Pad because that will made more inflammation.


Place over Shoulder

To make sure the Pad is on the place stay tight. You can adjust by your finger till the right position 


Cover Your Neck

Put the Pad cover your neck and over shoulder. Be careful about the temperature of Pad not too hot. 


Feel Relax

Place the Pad not over 15-20 mins on any one area. You will get the pleasure feeling of relaxation. 

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