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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The company was established in 2001 with the passion towards self healing from inner mechanism of human body empowered by nature both from herbal plants and microorganisms concept is our key contribution on all of our products with outside-in approach to solve the problems both physical and mind.

MERVEK - herbal Anti-Hair Loss products in traditional process 

LAMONE - cutting edge technology in natural anti-aging skincare products with DNA Lactobacillus based.

MERVEK SPA - natural Anti-Stress treatment products to result of vitality and happiness from real natural essential oil and organic natural ingredients

Our Vision & Philosophy

Vision: Magic Root will be the crucial part to longevity, vitality, and life transformation of humanity.


We believe in LEAN Philosophy to satisfy customers & partners in 4 areas

1. Only Organic & Natural Ingredients for Health Safety in chain: Customers (Partners)<— Users<— Maker

2. Fresh quality - produces in small lot with promised quality

3. Fast delivery - implementing just in time to fill up stock 24/7

4. Reasonable price - always concerning values to customers (partners)

Our Clients

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