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"Hair Root " contain nutrients suppling to hair for thicker hair go long and strong.

Your Hair need vitamins as below items :

: Vitamin A for moisturizer & growth

: Vitamin B for carrying oxygen to cell ,nutrients to cell

: Vitamin C for preventing hair aging

: Vitamin D for helping to create new follicles

:Vitamin E for preventing oxidative stress

: Iron ( Fe) for Stop hair loss

: Zinc (Zn) for improving hair growth

: Protein for hair growth


Main Ingredients in Magic Root Hair Tonic : Ginseng & He Shou Wu

Ginseng Benefits :

for good blood circulation ,balance men hormone ,balance "Menopause"in women 45s up ,more vitamin C,D,E,Ca,Mg,Zn,Fe

He Shou Wu Benefits:

for Anti-inflammation ,Anti-bacteria , White hair become darken when you used continuously at 6-24 months . Containing vitamin B12,D,E ,Mg,Cu,Zn

by Michale P.



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