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NEW Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift

Lamone IBL

Brightening against Jewelry

LAMONE NEW INTENSIVE BOOSTING LIFT 2018 VERSION what is the difference between New2018!!!Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift & Previous Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift

We increase the active ingredients with Rose Petals Extract to immediate and long term hydration ,Anti-Aging.English Rose is the ancient symbol of Love and Beauty.The High Society women in England used petals to anti -wrinkles and showered with Rose for the great beauty.

In basic activating as normal with Natural- derived collagen peptides provides skin with strong regeneration signals for collagen boosting and more vitamins,waxes with Apple Oil Seed, Organic Virgin Rose Hip Oil ,Organic Caster Oil ,helping to solve for age -related hormone decline in skin increasing collagen synthesis . Then we put Organic Rose Water to it for reduce the redness of irritated skin .

Our Cream look like yogurt that we put DNA-Lactobacillus in for helping boost your skin cell up very fast result and for Mechanical Sun Screen Protection Natural Base Cream with Organic Butter & Oil Organic Natural ,Paraben Free Immediate and Long Term Hydration Happy for the people don’t want to do Botox

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