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Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift

Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift 15g

Once our age is over 45, our cell skin will get destructive drastically. All signs of aging, wrinkles, crow feet, sagging skin on face will be appeared thoroughly on face. UV, free radical, and destructive stem cells are the root cause of damaged collagen. The action that need to recover back to youth looking skin is to replenish Collagen.

Lamone Intensive Boosting Lift contains the most active ingredient called Collaxyl.

What is Collaxyl? Collaxyl is a patented synthetic collagen-peptide that has produced really wonderful results for increasing collagen and anti-wrinkle treatment recommended by dermatologists.

From clinical study, Collaxyl was applied on wrinkles at eye zone area with 20 healthy female volunteers age 40 to 62. After 28 days, all wrinkle indicators were shown improvement over 170% wrinkle reduction. Also, sagging skin were improvement since skin texture were filled up with collagen.

Lamone Radiance Intensifier 15g

Enriched with nutrient from various of oil such as Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter. Empowered with DNA Lactobacillus to rejuvenate stem cells from destructive condition. Hyadisine to hold moisture in cell after 8 hrs. more than 30% in normal cause cell hydration and wrinkle reduction. GP4G from artemia extract to energise cells recovering from environmental damage.

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