Foods of Hair Growth

Whether you’re in the midst of trying to salvage your strands after a misguided cut or are just after a new look, you may have a hard time patiently waiting for your hair to grow. (We’ve been there.) Luckily, unlike the watched pot that never boils, putting effort into your hair growth can yield actual results, particularly when it comes to strategic eating. So that you know exactly how to get results, here are eight foods that actually make your hair grow faster, recommended by Harvard and Yale Medical School-trained nutritionist Jayson Calton, PhD, and licensed nutritionist and fitness chef Mira Calton, CN. Here’s how to get the hair of your dreams. Salmon This fish is loaded with the

Do you know what is the difference between Synthetic Perfume vs Natural?

Natural Perfume vs. Synthetic Perfume SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES Did you know that over 60% of what you put on your skin, the largest organ on your body, gets absorbed into your blood stream? And unlike your kidneys and liver that act as your body’s filter, the skin is all on its own. 95% of the chemicals in most commercial fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum and natural gas, known as petrochemicals. On average, 80% of fragrance formulations are comprised of these chemicals and in some cases, 100% of a formula can be synthetic. Skin absorbs these man-made chemicals in a few ways: by direct application, by contact with fragranced items, and by exposure to air containing fr

Anti-MosQuito by Natural Way

เคยไหมค่ะที่เจอยุงตัวเล็กๆๆชอบกัดเท้า ขา เราเวลาทำกับข้าว หาตัวไม่เจอค่ะตัวเค้าบางเล็กๆๆยุงพัฒนาฉลาดขึ้น ไม่ตียุงตบไม่เจอ. ... นั่งอยู่ห้องรับแขกก็เหมือนโดนกัด.... ขอแนะนำค่ะ. Lamone fresh lemongrass diffuser ช่วยคุณได้ค่ะทำจากสารสกัดจากธรรมชาติ100%ไม่ใช้น้ำหอม ด้วยสัดส่วนผสมที่ลงตัวของEssential oil หลายชนิด โดยใช้Fresh Lemongrass citronella เป็นTop Nose ไม่ฉุนหอมสดชื่น ไล่ยุงเล็กๆได้ดีมาก น้อยไปเยอะมากค่ะ ตั้งไว้ในจุดที่เราต้องการ 1ขวดใช้ได้1-2เดือนค่ะ

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